Hydraulic Dampers

...for higher loads and lower space capacity

The HYDROLASTIC damper provides necessary torsional vibration damping by hydrodynamic displacement. Torsional vibrations cause a relative movement between primary mass (hub: orange surface) and secondary mass (housing: yellow surface). Due to this relative movement mineral oil is being pressed through narrow clearances. The resulting pressure gradient corresponds to a hydraulic power loss from which the damping can be calculated.

HYDROLASTIC-Damper advantages:

  • Specific damper tuning according to customer requirements
  • Size and cost reduction by adjustment of damping parameters independent of elasticity parameters
  • Damping proportional to relative vibration velocity squared, i.e. high amplitudes are over-proportionally damped
  • Elasticity independent of temperature
  • Minimum damping independent of operating temperature
  • Efficient damper cooling by specifically designed clearances
  • Extraordinary long service life
  • Long service intervals at low cost


Hydraulic Damper for industrial engine, 1.250 kW / 1.700 PS