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Torsional vibrations occur in rotating shafts which are subjected to torque fluctuations. Typical examples can be found in combustion engines or reciprocating compressors. The sudden and irregular impact of high torsional moments may lead to vibrations; affecting the whole shaft and resulting in mechanical damage and noise. Our visco dampers reduce torsional vibrations in crankshafts, camshafts, injection pumps and thereby guarantee a long lifetime and reliable performance of the installation.

Torsional vibration dampers are carefully designed and released for a specific application to guarantee fulfillment of all customer requirements. Hasse & Wrede’s research department continuously improves the company's proprietary damper simulation tools and methods, the Hasse & Wrede Digital Damper Twin. For Hasse & Wrede, leadership in visco damper design means: Highest Performance @ First-Time-Right.