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Leading manufacturers of combustion engines and compressors rely on Hasse & Wrede dampers. Our Service and After Sales Program offers various options to meet all needs.

Damper Condition Measurement

Condition monitoring assures the correct function of the damper over its lifetime. The damper will function correctly if the wear of the silicone oil is in an acceptable condition and the state of the bearings is acceptable. Condition monitoring can either be assured via regular or permanent measurement of torsional vibrations of the drivetrain or via regular sampling and measurement of the silicone fluid.

Sample kits for damper silicone oil analysis

We analyze silicone fluid samples to provide our customers with a wear status for individual dampers. These samples can be drawn in a simple manner by staff on-site/on-board, so there is no need to remove the damper from the engine.

Sample kits for damper silicone fluid analysis are available to check the damper condition. Analysis results will be provided by Hasse & Wrede within short period of time. Please contact us for more information.

The Hasse & Wrede sample kits contain:

  • A detailed manual
  • A data label
  • A sample container
  • A postal package with our address


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Damper Remanufacturing Service

Once the damper has reached its end of life, Hasse & Wrede offers complete re-manufacturing. This approach saves energy, conserves materials and reduces CO2 emissions, offering our customers an attractive option compared to a new damper, including but not limited to damper exchange programs.

On-site and on-board Service

If down-time is critical, Hasse & Wrede offers on-site re-manufacturing service.

Remanufacturing is the industrial reconditioning of old and used products. It saves energy, conserves materials and reduces CO2 emissions, as well as offering customers an attractive option when repairing older vehicles or industrial equipment.