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Hasse & Wrede. Who we are. Hasse & Wrede develops, produces and distributes viscous torsional vibration dampers (visco dampers) for engines and compressors. Visco dampers reduce torsional vibrations throughout the drivetrain, prevent crankshaft fractures and thus ensure safe and reliable performance of the installation. About half of Hasse & Wrede's business consists of dampers for what are generally known as “on-highway” applications, meaning engines for commercial vehicles

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Hasse & Wrede. The Company.

Hasse & Wrede was founded in 1897 in Berlin, Germany, by Carl Hasse and Julius Wrede. Wrede’s technological vision and Hasse’s abilities as a business man complemented one another and formed the basis of the company’s success. Since 1921, Hasse & Wrede is a proud member of the Knorr-Bremse Group.

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Hasse & Wrede. Products.

Torsional vibrations occur in rotating shafts which are subjected to torque fluctuations. Typical examples can be found in combustion engines or reciprocating compressors. The sudden and irregular impact of high torsional moments may lead to vibrations; affecting the whole shaft and resulting in mechanical damage and noise. Our visco dampers reduce torsional vibrations in crankshafts, camshafts, injection pumps and thereby guarantee a long lifetime and reliable performance of the installation.

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Viscous torsional vibration dampers.

Hasse & Wrede’s viscous torsional vibration dampers (visco dampers) are the trusted anti-vibration solution for many major OEMs.

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V-DEX® (Visco Damper with External Ring).

V-DEX® (Visco Damper with External Ring) is Hasse & Wrede’s answer to an ever-increasing demand for damper performance within a restricted space claim.

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